King Dice Vacuform Mask


Become King Dice from Cup Head with the King Dice Vacuform Mask. Everyone will ask you who you are but only true gamers will understand.

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Feeling Lucky?Life is one big gamble. However, this Halloween, you won’t have to roll the dice in hopes of a good time. Guarantee yourself a great night when you go out as King Dice. The Devil’s pit boss gave us all one frustrating fight in the Cuphead videogame, suffice it say he sure had a few cards up his sleeves. Even in the midst of battle, you can tell King Dice was having a good time. With his devilish smile and maniacal laugh, it was easy to see. All that said, we know dressing up as this videogame boss could only go one way. You’ll have a blast! So grab your suit and tie and top off your transformation with this King Dice Vacuform Mask.Product DetailsThis officially licensed accessory is made up of plastic and has a silicone elastic band that goes comfortably around the back of the head. There is a mesh material in the eyes that will allow you to see all the action. That will be good if you run into that pesky Cuphead and Mugman. The mask is designed with a dimensional construction and made so that its one size should fit most people’s heads just fine.

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