Kids Wooly Lion Costume


Dress your child in this adorable kids Wooly Lion Costume. This costume will cover them from head to toe. The hood has a lion’s mane on it as well as it’s face. There is an attached tail in the back and mitts for their hands.

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The Wild ChildThere are lots of different kinds of kiddos in the world. There are the watchers and the doers. The bookworms and the acrobats. The jokesters and the wallflowers. All kids are special, unique, and powerful. And you child? Well, they are a wild child! If your kiddo likes to run, jump, climb, and play, if they are known to roughhouse with their sister and race through the grass on a sunny afternoon, if they can be sweet and cuddly and roar with disapproval, well then we think this Kid’s Wooly Lion Costume is calling their name. As we said, every child is completely unique and has their own personality, and yours is gearing up to be King of the Jungle! Best step aside and let them work off some of that energy this Halloween.Design & DetailsOur in-house design team crafted this costume to stand up to the wild in your child, with every care being given to the details and construction. Let them zip themselves into this one-piece jumpsuit and slip on the lion-face hood for a cool — not to mention warm and cozy — Halloween-ready look. Lion paw mitts and a looped brown mane cover your child from ear to toe in pawsitively awesome lion energy!Roar Door to DoorNow that your little dynamo is suited up, give them a challenge: to (politely) roar “Trick or Treat” at every house they encounter! Not one to back down from a task, your kiddo will be a perfect little lion specimen in no time.

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