Kids Woolly Sheep Costume


Anybody would be upset to lose this adorable sheep! This Kids Woolly Sheep Costume is a nice cozy costume for kids.

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Acting SheepishWhen you stop and think about how often certain critters sneak their way onto the main stage of various different stories, it can quickly build to a pretty significant list. A number of animals out there tend to steal that stage with fair frequency. (We’re looking at you, Internet Cats!) But, the limelight belongs to the quickly forgotten just the same. This entire quest began when we heard the tale of Mary’s missing little lamb. It sounded like a pretty terrifying experience for everyone involved. Lambs are, after all, the perfect definition of fluffy and adorable, so we couldn’t have any of them go missing! Revisiting this story made us realize that these little floof babies are a favorite among tales through the ages!Details & DesignNo matter which games you and your little lamb decide to play, this MAde by Us Child Sheep costume is a great place to start the fun. The woolly shirt and pants are made of faux fleece, and will keep them nice and cozy. The stuffed ears on the matching hood are super-cute and will be even cuter if you add a little sheep makeup. They can also wear the black mitts and shoe covers on their little hooves to complete the fuzzy critter look.We Herd YouPeople have been asking for a higher quality sheep costume. That’s why we make this costume in adult and toddler sizes, as well, so the whole family can play together as a flock! Want a storybook angle? You can seek out the blue dress and hooked cane for a beautiful Bo Peep duo. Or you can even help Mary find her little-lost lamb. And of course, there are plenty of manger scenarios on the horizon as well. When it comes to this high-quality costume, you won’t be putting it out to pasture any time soon!

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