Kid’s Wolf Jawesome Costume


You don’t have to wait for the full moon! You kiddo will be dressed to impress at their next costume event in this exclusive Kid’s Wolf Jawesome Costume!

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Pack LeaderIf being the best at everything comes naturally to you, then you will love being the best wolf in the pack with this costume. The alpha wolf definitely has the most fun and gets the best of everything that the pack has, so we highly recommend that path. Still, if you are looking for more of a lone wolf vibe, then this costume will suit you just fine!You really can’t go wrong when you decide to throw on your fur and spend some time living the simple and rustic life of the majestic wolf. You might miss electricity and running water, but at least you will feel the heartbeat of nature in your chest!Product DetailsFinding the animal in yourself has a lot of advantages, not the least of which is knowing that this Child Wolf Jawsome Costume is perfect for you! You will love the accurate detailing of this costume, from the size and placement of the teeth to the beautifully primped tail. The claws on the hands and feet look wickedly sharp, just like real wolves’ claws do! You will love how you look and feel inside this awesome monkey… err, wolf suit! You sure will look fur-ocious!Smiling Like a WolfIf you are looking for the perfect way to show the world that you are a force of nature, then this is the perfect costume for you! You will be one with the forests and plains of your native habitat, O Mighty Hunter. Just make sure you keep an eye out for other wolves out there!

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