Kid’s Trolls Poppy Light Up Headband


If you’re going to dress up as Queen Poppy, don’t forget to wear her signature hair style with this Kid’s Trolls Poppy Light Up Headband! It will be the perfect addition to your look.

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Dance to Your Own Beat Welcome to Troll Village, where everyone’s appearance is as fun and colorful as pop music sounds! Trolls are known for their colorful outfits and skin tones, and some even are glittery bright. When you look like a walking rainbow, you can go a little crazy with your hairdos. Princess Poppy is a great example! Her confidence in herself shines brightly through both her happy personality and her whimsical ponytail. Product Details You can’t stop the happy feeling when you wear this Trolls Poppy Light Up Headband for Kids! The cloth-covered headband has a high-teased hairdo made of fiber optic filaments inside pink mesh tubes. It ends in a perky ponytail that looks just like Princess Poppy’s. It’s studded with sparkly green, blue, and orange hearts and rimmed with rainbow foam flowers. The fiber optic filaments light up thanks to the battery pack hidden behind the flowers and the headpiece comes with demo batteries so that you can use it right away! Your Own Personal Spotlight What’s better than having pink hair? Why, having pink hair that lights up, of course! Complete an awesome Princess Poppy costume and sing to your heart’s content.  

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