Kid’s Short Curly Pirate Wig


The life of a pirate captain is filled with adventure. So, dress the part with this Kid’s Short Curly Pirate Wig! It sure to be the perfect accessory to complete your kiddo’s costume look!

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Dressed to ImpressArrr, matey! It’s the pirate’s life for us! What they don’t tell you about the pirate life, though, is that besides the wave-tossed seas and scurvy-ridden crewmates, you have to go several months between barber appointments. Is it any wonder that most pirates’ hair is long and tangled? Fortunately, you have a marvelous head of curls and you understand the importance of appearance when it comes to pirating. Seeing your glorious locks, your victims always surrender immediately. Surely, they think, someone with such magnificent hair is worthy of pillaging our gold! Product DetailsEven Captain Hook can’t compete with this marvelous, exclusive Short Curly Kid’s Pirate Wig. Sail the Seven Seas with pride while wearing your dashing wig complete with luxurious dark faux hair. The salt spray will never make the curls frizzy, and thanks to its snug, comfortable fit, even the fiercest of mock battles will never shake it loose from your head (although a few bobby pins wouldn’t hurt). Shiver Me Timbers! You’ll be pillaging candy right and left this Halloween, thanks to your amazing wig! Remember to share equally with your crewmates – generous captains never get marooned! 

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