Kids Santa Boots


Be just like the jolly old elf himself with the Kids Santa Boots this holiday season. Your Santa costume would not be complete without these iconic Kids Santa Boots.

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Santa SnafuPicture it: your child is all decked out to play Santa Claus in their school play. Or they’ve opted to be the jolly guy for Halloween. And here they come, strutting down your stairs in the full red Santa suit with its white trim, placing the Santa cap on their head, buckling the big black belt, and hauling a bag full of toys, with their spectacles and white beard perfectly in place, and then…you see them…the sneakers. Talk about a record scratch, stop-in-your-tracks kind of moment. And you’d better hope their little brother isn’t sitting there waiting for the big reveal, or he may have some questions about why Santa is wearing trainers!Don’t let this moment happen to you. Nab these Kid’s Santa Boots and help your child complete their transformation into St. Nick. It’s the best way to ensure head-to-toe Santa perfection!Product DetailsThese boots are North Pole ready and look as though they were crafted by the careful hands of elves! They have textured, anti-skid soles, white faux fur, and a zipper for easy access. Most importantly, they help uphold the whole “Santa mystery” for all the littlest ones who encounter your little Santa this season.

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