Kid’s Robot Rascal Costume


Your child will be ready this Halloween in this adorable Kid’s Robot Rascal Costume. This classic kid’s robot costume will make your child happy with its fun and colorful details!

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BRIGHT FUTUREWe’ve got a bone to pick! We watch a TON of science fiction movies. It seems like each one we see paints a very specific picture of the future. Robots are always portrayed as evil beings trying to take over the world. They’re always trying to eliminate mankind. Well, how come no one ever imagines the positive future of living among robots? We don’t think that all of the robots have to be so mean in the future! Perhaps there’s a future where robots are the awesome best buds that we’ve always wanted. Maybe there’s a future where we live in perfect harmony with our automaton brethren. We like the sound of that kind of future and maybe your little one can show the world what a friendly robot looks like when by wearing this Robot Rascal costume for kids.DESIGN & DETAILSOur costumers went to work to make a robot costume that’s fun, futuristic, but delightfully retro at the same time. They came up with this kid’s Robot Rascal Costume. It comes with a gray tunic that has attached robot hands style mitts at the sleeve cuffs. The front features plenty of printed dials and gauges to give it a retro hi-tech look. The headpiece has a generous opening for your child’s face. The pants with attached shoe covers put the finishing touch on this robotic style, transforming your child into one friendly looking robot!ROBO BUDDYIf you want to show the world a friendly robot, then it’s time for your little one to hop into this adorable costume! With a retro style, your child will be ready to show the more amiable side of the future of robotics by being the best robo-buddy that the world has ever seen.

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