Kid’s Pop Up Top Hat


Be magical and surprise your friends with the Kid’s Pop Up Top Hat. This Top Hat, made from quality materials, has endless possibilities for tricks and magic!

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To the Top Shazam! Abracadabra! Presto, change-o, plus any other magical-sounding words that we’re forgetting! This hat is just the right choice for any mystical, marvelous magician monkey suits you choose. Whether you’re moonlighting as a magician, a ringmaster, a lion tamer, or just a really excellent dresser, we’ve got the hat for you! All performers and showmen – or women – worth their circus peanuts know the value of a trusty prop as well as a fabulous outfit. This top hat doubles as both!Product DescriptionWho wouldn’t want a stylish lid that mysteriously changes size and shape? This Pop Up Top Hat for Kids is just the ticket when you want to dress to impress. Your friends will be astonished both by the stylish red and black polyester stovepipe shape and also by its fabulous design! Simply push the hat in its center to make the crown pop up, and push it again to collapse it. That’s show business, kid!

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