Kid’s Pokemon Mewtwo Kigurumi Costume


Dress up in this Kid’s Pokemon Mewtwo Kigurumi costume, this Halloween for some added comfort on Halloween night. Featuring, hoodie attachment made to look like the famous genetic Pokemon Mewtwo.

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Lab-born, cave-dwellingLegends tell of a mysterious Pokemon that dwells in a hidden cave. It’s really only accessible by those with the gumption to master the league and those who even a Legendary Pokemon or three on their belt. But, if you’re brave and have the faith and friendship of your PokePals — and a Pokemon that knows Surf — you should venture into the Cerulean Cave. Inside lies a wide variety of rare, high-level Pokemon. You might even run into, and have the opportunity to capture, the mighty Mewtwo in the cave’s depths. That might seem like pretty awesome news. Who wouldn’t want to have a superpowerful psychic Pokemon on their side? Well, turns out that this epic and engineered version of the mythical and somehow more-rare Mew is only the first step. No, we’re not talking about any Mega-Evolutions and we’re not suggesting that it’s going to be something weird like Pikachu running around with a brand new mask. We’re talking about the rumors of a Mewtwo-Human hybrid! Your little one can make it happen by slipping into this child’s Pokemon Mewtwo Kigurumi!Product detailsThis soft onesie will let your little one get in on the kigurumi craze while repping one of the coolest Pokemon ever — certainly the coolest one made in a lab. This kigurumi is made of a soft, all-polyester fleece fabric, fastens with buttons at the center-front, and comes with embroidered facial features on the hood. In it, your little one will be powering up a psybeam or teleport in no time.

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