Kids Pig Costume


Your child will squeal with delight upon seeing this pig costume for Halloween! It’s also great for plays! Let their imagination run wild and create some fun farm adventures.

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How do pigs always look like they are having so much fun on the farm? Hot or cold, sunny or rainy (especially when it’s rainy, since there’s more mud), those cute looking critters are always romping around and oinking non-stop. Your little one can look as cute as a piglet when playing in our exclusive Kids Pig Costume! Oink!!Getting to hang out and play on a farm is already a bunch of fun, no matter what kind of animal you might be. But whether those pink little piggies are chowing down food out of their troughs, or rolling around in big mud puddles and making a huge mess of everything, or just lying lazily in the sun, they are always busy having the best time! And the way they snort and grunt as they trot around the barnyard is pretty adorable, too. Or rather, it’s adorable as long as they aren’t tracking muddy hoof prints on your carpet while they do it…Hopefully, your little one doesn’t make too much of a mess as they’re wearing this costume, because it’s much too cute to get dirty! The light pink jumpsuit features attached mitts on the sleeves and a pigtail on the back, and the matching pink headpiece has a soft snout and stuffed floppy ears to complete this look. Your little one will be the cutest looking piglet when trick-or-treating with their farm animal costumed friends, or just playing around on their own! Snort!

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