Kids Photoreal Pizza Costume


Have your kiddo looking like the cutest slice of pizza ever when you get them this Kids Photoreal Pizza Costume. Features a pull over style costume of a photorealistic slice of pepperoni pizza.

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Hunger HeroPizza might not be the most balanced meal out there but it’s there when you need it most. If your family is attempting to fit in dinner between soccer practice, homework, and your adult chores that simply need to get finished before you head to bed, pizza is there. When you’ve spent the whole day working in the backyard and can’t seem to come up with anything fun to do with the whole family after all those hours of sun? Well, you can be sure that everyone would be in the mood to head out for pizza! Trying to figure out what to feed a party of picky-eating second graders? Umm, yeah. There’s one option and one option only. Delicious, saucy, cheesy pizza is there for celebrations, for busy days, and when everyone is looking for a little picker-upper. Does your kiddo have what it takes to be a hunger hero? All they need to do is slip into this tunic, no cape required!Product DetailsMuch like the original food, this pizza costume is sure to make most kids happy! There’s no fumbling with restricting clothes or cumbersome zippers, simply slip the lightweight foam over your kid’s own clothes, tie the sides, and they’ll be ready to roll. The tunic has holes for the arms and head as well as an open bottom for unimpeded leg movement, an important trick-or-treating factor! With a photo-realistic print of pepperoni pizza on the front, you’ll be glad that you’re already serving pizza on Halloween night because this costume is sure to make people hungry!Pizza PartyRemember when the idea of having a pizza party was the best motivation out there? We sure do! This slice is sure to get a great reception from kids and adults alike! After all, once your kiddo arrives, every party can be a pizza party!

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