Kid’s Party Pinata Costume


Be the life of the party, in this Kid’s Party Pinata Costume. Made by Us, featuring colorful fun pinata patterns, and a place to stuff that candy. No party is complete without this one!

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Colorful CostumePinatas may have been made to hold loads of candy and to entertain at parties, but they deserve so much more than a good whack with a bat. And so, without further ado, we demand treatment of these majestic creatures be improved. No, we’re not asking any longer! After spending years suspended on walls at party supply stores, waiting for their turn to show how much candy they can store and consequently dish out under those colorful fringes. Luckily, the love for pinatas and support for their rights has grown, though it still lags well behind unicorns. These vibrant, exotic souls have been given a greater variety of opportunities to show off their talents: like in this sweet Kid’s Party Pinata Costume!Design & DetailsGive life to the beloved party animals by slipping into this on Halloween or whatever costume occasion you find nearing. The hooded jumpsuit features a cool 3D-looking design with all the colors of a real pinata. Whether you need a pick-me-up piece of candy or a playful way to colorize your wardrobe, this fun jumpsuit will do the trick. And because it’s a Made By Us exclusive, you know that our in-house team designed and crafted the costume with care and love in every stitch. Fiesta FunAs long as you don’t get your sugar rush too late in the afternoon, you should sleep easy with this in mind. So does your kiddo want to show the world how versatile a pinata can be? Or do they simply want to be the center of attention? No one can ignore a pinata, and the pinata population everywhere will really appreciate your support. Know what that means? Well, word on the street is that a pinata always rewards its supporters by showering them with more than their fill of sweet treats.

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