Kid’s Minecraft Inflatable Enderman Costume


Nervous, shy, and prefers to hide. Grab this Kid’s Minecraft Inflatable Enderman Costume, to teleport your way around on Halloween night!

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Don’t Look It in the Eyes! Congratulations! You’ve survived most of the Minecraft world’s mobs. The Spiders were disgustingly large, but six legs are no match for a blaster. Zombies were too slow to escape your sword. Skeletons and Creepers were a little trickier but didn’t interrupt your building process too much. As for the Drowned, the Witch, and the Slime, well, let’s just say that they won’t be trying to attack again for a while.All is well on your mine site until you hear an odd screeching noise. Purple particles fly through the air. You turn and there it is! A dark shape looms, moving your mining materials willy-nilly. This won’t do at all! You stare at it fiercely, hoping to intimidate it into backing down. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing the Enderman hates the most. You’ve just given it permission to strike!Product Details You’ll be the scariest Mob being of all in your officially licensed Minecraft Child’s Inflatable Enderman Costume! The 100 percent polyester windbreaker fabric inflates via a fan mounted behind the right hip. Four AA batteries, not included, power this Mob’s attack abilities. The costume’s hood encloses the head, with purple vinyl viewports allowing you to see where you’re teleporting yourself. Although puffy and soft-looking, your amiable appearance is misleading. This Enderman is just as dangerous as any Creeper!Enter the EndermanAlthough hostile when provoked, this Enderman is perfectly happy being left to its own devices. These primarily involve the quest for candy! This costume is fantastic for teleporting from door to door on Halloween night. Better yet, get a bunch of friends together and form a haunting!

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