Kids Merida Wig


You can change her hair color, not her fate. Give your princess an authentic look from Disney Pixar’s Brave. The Kids Merida Wig will be the finishing touches to her costume as will the Brave bow and arrow.

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Merida from Brave isn’t the first Disney princess to have red hair — that distinction belongs to Ariel. She isn’t the first who could go toe-to-toe with the boys in martial warfare either — Mulan beat her to that punch. But if you’re looking for a shock of red hair and the ability to kick absolute butt, then this Scottish firecracker is your best and only bet!Our Merida Wig bursts with tousled crimson locks, the key and indispensable accessory for any little girl feeling brave. Team this frizzy do up with our Deluxe Merida Costume and Forest Princess Bow and your little princess will have everything she needs to play the part! But do watch out for bears. And certainly don’t turn into one either, that always has a way of ruining your other plans.

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