Kid’s Light Up Mutant Reaper Costume


Terrify all the little trick-or-treaters in the town this Halloween with this Kid’s Light Up Mutant Reaper Costume. This costume is perfect for roaming the streets on Halloween night.

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Fear the ReaperYou’ve seen all the horror movies a hundred times. Like your friends, you’ve scarfed popcorn and rolled your eyes at those same cliches that you’re certain you’d never make. On the way home from the theater, you make fun of all the main characters’ bad choices. Why hide in a dark closet instead of running out of the haunted house? Why use a possessed Ouija board at a slumber party in the first place? You’re so smug – but then you notice that your friends have gone unusually quiet. You turn around and your heart stumbles as you realize that no one is behind you anymore on this deserted street. You’re completely alone – or are you? A lone figure cloaked in black stands in the shadow of a tree. When he moves into the street light, you can’t control your scream – or your sudden realization that you’re about to be the star of a real-life horror scenario. No one escapes the Reaper! Product Details Serve up screams and jump-scares in this incredibly detailed Light-Up Kid’s Mutant Reaper Costume! The long black robe covers your street clothes and features jagged hemlines for a creepy effect. The hood pulls up over your hair and a haunting death’s-head skeleton face stares out of the opening! The mouth glows red for an extra-chilling touch. You’ll Never Make It Out AliveSo here you are, hiding in a dark closet. In a haunted house. Yep, you’re just waiting for the Reaper to find you. All you’re hoping is that your scream will be loud enough to warn the neighbors. Unless he missed you after all…what was that? Did you hear the closet door opening? 

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