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Join Kubo on his daring journey with the Kubo Kids Costume. The red and blue costume looks just like the movies!

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Power Over PaperWe live in a world of imagination. But, unfortunately, those creative thoughts don’t usually turn into actual magical effects. Try as we might, we know that waving our hands at the doors to the grocery store isn’t actually opening them. It’s probably just the motion detectors. We can stare down those traffic lights and mentally will them to change all we like… but the rare times they do turn to green are seriously outnumbered by the “Okay, how about… now!” moments.But, our kiddos manage to achieve that level of magic just a bit more often than the rest of us. Give them a pad of paper and some Crayolas and, suddenly, there’s a mysterious samurai and a lovely sorceress ready to engage in battle with a terrifying King of the Night! All they need is a little music to accompany the battle and we’ve got some serious magic at work. The only thing that could make the fun better is if we add a little costume fun to the mix!Design & DetailsThat’s where our Made by Us design team is happy to step in with this officially licensed Kubo costume for kids. We partnered with Laika Studios to craft this costume in-house so that your child can look and feel just like the hero of Kubo and the Two Strings. The costume includes a wide-sleeved kimono-like wrap that fastens comfortably with waist ties. The included belt and its fabric medallion combine with a cloth bag and shoulder sash to give your little Kubo Kid an authentic look. If you want to take the final steps to the transformation, pick up our kid’s Kubo wig and gourd accessory so your tyke is ready for the full adventure.A Magical World AwaitsEverything is just a little bit more amazing when seen through the eyes of a child. But, when you help your kid dress up like Kubo with this costume, you can help turn all those drawings into something real. (Just watch out if they wanna pick up the shamisen, too!)

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