Kid’s Hobbit Costume Feet


You’ll be ready to step out of the Shire in style when you get these Kid’s Hobbit Costume Feet! These will be the perfect accessory to complete your Hobbit look.

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Took FoolishnessIt is notable that most of the hobbits of Hobbiton look down on their cousins to the East who swim and use boats. This is highly irregular to them and they have nothing but derision for the pastime! This is odd, we think, since these feet should make for wonderful flippers. Gollum uses his huge feet as such, too, though it is probable that his deformations under the influence of the ring helped in that regard. Still, hobbits should be fine swimmers! Just don’t tell Frodo that.Product DetailsMaking sure you are dressed right for any occasion is very important, which is why we recommend setting yourself up right with this Kid’s Hobbit Costume Feet. This “Made By Us” costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing these for years to come. These slipper-like Hobbit feet are the perfect accessory to any Tolkien-themed costume. Whether you are dropping a ring in a volcano or just chilling at the Green Dragon Inn, you will love the soft comfort and style of these hairy, huge feet.Fancy FeetIf you are searching for the perfect way to look classic and original, then you are in the right place. You will feel like a winner in this cool and comfortable costume. Just make sure you do a jig or two to practice moving with these amazing appendages before trying anything crazy!

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