Kid’s Highland Cow Costume


These fluffy cows have been all the rage on social media and won our hearts. If your little one is also head over heels in love with these cows, make their dress up days even more amazing with our Kid’s Highland Cow Costume!

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It Ain’t No Spotted CowFarm animals are always popular with children, but you don’t want your kiddo to get lost in the sea of cows and chickens this Halloween. Instead of risking the mistake of bringing home the wrong calf again, we have the solution. Make your little one stand out from the herd this year when you dress him up in this Highland Cow Costume. This breed of cow hails from the mainland of Scotland. So feel free to add a bit of culture to his life with a few lessons about this lovely European country. Or, at least, add a bit of fun to this getup by teaching them a proper Scottish accent. Everybody loves a talking farm animal and one with a Scottish accent will have the whole pigpen rolling in the mud. Details & DesignStart your little one’s animalistic makeover by tossing this brown shaggy bodysuit on him. It has hooves at the end of the sleeves as well as a wooly brown tail. From the neck on down your little will one be as warm as a cow grazing in the morning sun.The next piece to this costume is the hairy hood. It has a pair of fluffy ears as well as a pair of long horns. There are also two eyes sewn on, and a snout. The only thing missing is the included foot covers. Once the fabric hooves cover up his shoes, your child will be ready to trot all around town for some trick-or-treating!A Model CowMooove on over. This isn’t your typical brown cow. This Highland Cow costume will give your kiddo the chance to be a rather unique and foreign farm animal. All the average spotted cows will wish they had long wavy hair like your little one. Not only does it keep him nice and cozy, but also it looks great blowing around in the wind.

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