Kid’s Hammerhead Shark Costume


Your children will love dressing up like their favorite ocean predator this Halloween in our exclusive Kid’s Hammerhead Shark Costume. This costume will cover your kid from head to toe while only leaving the mouth open for their head.

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Fish Out of WaterIf your kid wants to dress as a hammerhead shark for Halloween then a) we think your kid is really awesome, and b) make sure no other kids in the neighborhood are dressing as stingrays—that’s a hammerhead’s favorite food!But seriously, how unique is this Kid’s Hammerhead Shark Costume? It’s as realistic as it is amusing, as comfy as it cool! It’s not every day you see a hammerhead shark walking your way. A crab, maybe. Lobsters, sure. But sharks? Sharks are rare sightings, especially on dry land! When your kid glides into the class Halloween party wearing this exclusive look, the other kids will marvel. That’s because hammerheads are amazing, just like your little one. And that hammer on its head? It helps it find food—if only your little one could do that, right? This realistic outfit is so clever, we think your child is destined to win the school costume contest the moment they swim onto the stage!Design & DetailsWe’ve really outdone ourselves with this costume—it’s so lifelike. Our design studio was able to capture the essence of a hammerhead perfectly for your kids, and make it easy to wear, too! It’s a gray and white jumpsuit that zips discreetly down the front, and it includes a dorsal fin, tail, and small openings on the pectoral fins for the hands (trick-or-treating without them would be tough). The attached hood has the shark’s signature “hammer” with eyes on the sides—we can’t be completely sure, but it’s possible this feature will help your kids pick up the electromagnetic signals of their favorite candy! Shoe covers complete the look. Hammerhead of the ClassNow that your kids are fully obsessed with sharks, they can wear this costume for their science presentation, and any other dress-up occasions that drift their way. The teacher will love the visual representation, and your kiddos will love getting another chance to shark out for a day!

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