Kid’s Giraffe Jumpsuit Costume


Your child will have a giraffetastic Halloween when you get them this Kid’s Giraffe Jumpsuit Costume. Features a jumpsuit style costume with an attached giraffe head hood.

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Teller of Tall TalesYour creative kiddo is always making up stories — at school, they write full pieces of fiction complete with original drawings, and at home, you can often find them lost in their own tales of make-believe, playing out the parts they have assigned to themself. Awww. What a great, original mind! Just imagine the fun antics your little artist could dream up, then, when wearing this Kid’s Giraffe Jumpsuit Costume. After all, there are no tales taller than those of a giraffe! In this great getup, your child will feel wild, free, and fun-loving, which is the perfect combination for getting those creative juices flowing. They say Halloween is the time to go big or go home, so let your child indulge in some of their biggest dreams ever in this adorable animal costume. Design & DetailsOur in-house design crew went on a safari into their wild imaginations and then returned to craft this incredible kid’s costume. It’s an easy-to-wear jumpsuit that totally transforms your child into a stately and wonderful giraffe. Made from a cozy fabric that keeps your kiddo warm as they trick or treat on Halloween, this look features an allover giraffe print, an attached tail, and a pull-up hood that has the giraffe’s sweet face and ossicones atop the stuffed head. Wild ChildThere’s more than one way to have a wild child — thankfully, yours lives in the wilds of their imagination. And now they have an entire savannah storyline to get lost in!  

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