Kids Ghostbusters Slimer Candy Bag


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! With the Ghostbusters Slimer Candy Bag, your child will have the perfect ghoulish touch to their Ghostbuster’s costume this Halloween!

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Sneaky SlimeThe pest is back! After all the work the Ghostbusters put in to get Slimer, that mischievous spirit is up to his old habits and sneaking his wan into plenty of new sticky situations. Luckily, the team studied all of Slimer’s past messes. And armed with every bit of information that could be gathered from movies, tv, games, and books, the solution seems clear. Slimer needs to be confronted by someone with the same playful energy. Someone like your child. Think they’re up for the task? All they need is a Ghostbusters uniform and this Kid’s Ghostbusters Slimer Candy Bag!Design & DetailsYour child is ready to slide into their first Ghostbuster’s mission to get Slimer under control with this clever candy bag! Our in-house team of designers took care with the shaping and printing of this bag to really bring Slimer to life. Where Slimer’s mouth is printed, a wide opening offers an easy way for your child to stash their trick-or-treat sweets inside the 20” H x 12” W bag. Meanwhile, an 11” strap attached to the top makes this version of Slimer easy to handle. Paired with one of our exclusive Ghostbusters costumes, your little paranormal investigator is sure to have a happy Halloween!

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