Kids Friendly Ghost Costume


Forget Casper! This ghost is cooler! This Kids Friendly Ghost Costume is a cute ghost costume that children will love.

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Most ghosts will be howling with their “Boos” this Halloween, but your kiddo will be shouting “Woo!” when he’s wearing this Kids Friendly Ghost Costume! Look at the smile on this ghost’s face! Its so friendly that even Casper may have to pass the title of Friendly Ghost over to your little one.When your tiny tot is walking house to house with this ghost costume on, he’ll be having a ‘spooktacular’ time! He will get more compliments than any other kid that is just dressed up as another cliche monster. With the playful face on this costume, (and only two eye holes) you won’t have to worry about your little ghoul ending up like a certain cartoon and receiving rocks from your neighbors. The other kids in the neighborhood will all want to be friends with your cute little specter, and your kiddo is sure to have collected more than enough candy to share with all of his new friends. The smiling face on this ghost costume isn’t the only thing that will make your little one stand out. They say its our flaws that make each of us a unique individual, right? Well, your friendly little ghost has two little polka dot patches sewn onto his front side, giving the costume a cute clumsy look, that will have all your neighbors going, “Awe!”Get your camera ready! This is one ghost that you’ll be delighted to see in your photo albums, years from now when you want to look back at the good old days. Seeing your kiddo wearing this smiling phantom’s face and knowing that the smile under the costume is even bigger will bring joy to your heart.

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