Kids Fierce Werewolf Costume


You better beware if it’s a full moon outside! This Kids Fierce Werewolf Costume is a great scary classic costume for kids.

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WOLFY TENDENCIES Does your child howl at the moon each month? Does he have unexplained hair growth? Perhaps he’s developed an enormous appetite? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your child may have been bitten by a werewolf! Either that, or he’s just gotten into some weird habits, which wouldn’t be all that surprising for your little guy!Don’t be surprised if this guy gets extra hairy and starts eating everything in the refrigerator once the moon is full. It happens about once a month, but his parents have everything under control. Wear this Kids Fierce Werewolf Costume to scare the parentals – you could maybe even scare them into getting exactly what you ask for! They will also be surprised at how much hair you’ve sprouted in such a short time – wow, talk about a five o’clock shadow!DESIGN & DETAILSThe fierce kid’s werewolf costume is a Made by Us design and sure to terrify and impress the masses this Halloween. The costume comes with everything you need to get your child ready for a night under the full moon. The costume starts with the red flannel shirt that zips up the back for a comfortable fit. The shirt has attached brown fur that fills the chest and sleeves to give your child that just-transformed-into-a-wild-beast look. Top the look off with the faux fur headpiece and shoe covers – after all, you want him to look the part from head-to-toe. Get him ready for his first transformation with this costume – even though he’ll be a werewolf, he’ll still be YOUR little werewolf!A FAIRYTALE FAMILY  This is a costume the whole family can be included in on! Little sisters can transform into Little Red Riding Hood, moms can become the infamous grandmother while dads transform into the Huntsman— creating a happily-ever-after Halloween!    

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