Kids Deluxe Gangster Costume


He’s ready to run with the big boys! This Kids Deluxe Gangster Costume is great for little boys who like to be a little wild every now and then.

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You better not make him mad or you’ll meet his Tommy gun! Well, maybe it’s just a toy, but we still think this little guy is pretty intimidating. Just because he’s intimidating doesn’t mean he’s not adorable – heck, we think his cuteness is just as much of a weapon as his toy tommy gun!The 1920s were a rough and tumble time. Not much unlike the Wild West, the roaring 20s were part excitement, part lawless, part scary. Even the kids were ready to get into the act! While it wasn’t all sunshine and unicorns, the 20s were a happening time that most of us look upon fondly. It’s no surprise that kids find this time entertaining as well. It’s a good thing we have plenty of costumes – including this deluxe gangster costume to satisfy your child’s need to be part of the action.This Kids Deluxe Gangster Costume is great for little gangster guys in training. The pinstripe double-breasted jacket has two faux pockets to give a polished look to your little guy. The matching pinstripe pants have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit that they’ll want to wear all night long. Pick up the matching black hat and the toy gun accessory for an explosive look! Don’t forget to get a black shirt and white tie to really bring this costume to life! Throw on a pair of black shoes and get ready for a night out on the town running candy through the back alleys!

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