Kid’s Daring Fighter Pilot Costume


Have your kiddo ready to take to the skies when you get them this exclusive Kid’s Daring Fighter Pilot Costume. Makes the perfect costume choice for your child who wants to dress up as a brave fighter pilot!

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The Spirit of HalloweenLike they’re planning a covert mission, your child has mapped out the entire neighborhood, gathered intelligence on treat distribution, and calculated how to collect the most amount of candy in the shortest timeframe. It’s not going to be easy. But, their plan to get it done is pretty simple and quite impressive. They’ll fly!At the start of their trick-or-treat, they’ll zip down the unlit streets. With the final moments of daylight lingering, they won’t need to worry about low visibility on their journey. To save time, neighbors notorious for handing out non-candy treats (or the sugar-free variety) will be skipped. With the speed and focus of a trained pilot, your daring child should be able to get in and out with plenty of time to enjoy the sweet reward of a job well done. All they need is a compact jet and proper flight gear.Product DetailsWe can’t help with a jet plane. But we can help get your kiddo outfitted for a high-flying good time with this Daring Fighter Pilot Kids’ Costume! This exclusive costume jumpsuit is a perfect ensemble for your spirited trick-or-treater. Designed as a single piece, they need only step into the pant legs, pull up the suit’s front zipper, and they’re ready to zoom. Pockets on the legs offer a convenient place to carry any extra candy they collect, while a compass secured to the collar can help keep your child pointed forward on their mission through the neighborhood. Embroidered patches, attached straps, and a faux parachute collar give the Halloween costume an official look that’s sure to have your kid feeling ready for countless adventures!

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