Kid’s Dangerous Dotty the Clown Costume


If you kiddo wants to cause a few scares this Halloween, this Kid’s Dangerous Dotty the Clown Costume is one they will love to wear! Have them dressing up as they favorite horrific evil clown.

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Scary SillyYou’re raising them, so you’ve seen proof that your child wouldn’t hurt a fly. But there is still a dangerous side to your child, and it’s their sense of humor. The first time they told a knock-knock joke, you experienced actual stomach cramps, and they hurt! Eyes watering and left breathless, all you could do is listen to more childish jokes and continue to curl up from a severe case of the giggles. Now, their ability to sponge up terrible dad jokes and retell them with perfect comedic timing has you in stitches. Sides splitting from their expert execution of one-liners and remarkably original sight gags, you’re convinced you’ll die of laughter. It may be time to put a warning on your little clown.Product DetailsPrepare neighbors, guests, and family for the killer quips your child is sure to perform when you get them dressed in this exclusive Dangerous Dotty the Clown Costume for Kids. This satin pullover dress puts a spooky cute visual on your kiddo’s skill with a joke. Inspired by the motley looks of circus clowns and the colors of more terrifying tricksters, this costume pairs black and white polka-dots with red and white stripes for the skirt. The stripes carry through to the puff sleeves, while the dots can be found again on the attached bowtie. Red satin ribbons are attached to the stretchy black bodice to give the appearance of suspenders. A touch of whimsy is added with large red pom-pom buttons stitched to the dress. Trick-or-treating or putting on their first comedy special, this costume is sure to help your kiddo slay the audience!

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