Kid’s Cozy Mouse Costume


Slip your kid into this Kid’s Cozy Mouse Costume and you’ll have your own cute mouse to snuggle up with. Perfect for costumes, plays or a warm sleeping gown for your child.

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Small and ScamperingSome people tend to be frightened by mice. Are you? We can acknowledge that it’s a little startling if they suddenly scamper across the floor when you’re not expecting it. And sure, it’s not the best situation if they’re running rampant in your home. However, we can’t help but think that mice are pretty adorable, too. Even though they might alarm us once in a while, they’re not very big, and aren’t really very threatening. Their soft fur, round ears, and pointy nose can make for some cute characters! Many children’s stories feature brave mice who discover that they can be heroic despite their size. We think those are good stories for kids to hear. So if your little one is looking for a cute animal costume, maybe she should consider being a mouse this year!Design & DetailsWe made this Cozy Mouse Costume for Kids to turn your child into the cutest rodent around! The soft velour jumpsuit is especially great if you live somewhere with fairly cold Halloweens. The zipper on the back makes it an easy-to-wear one piece outfit. It has faux fur around the cuffs and neckline for some extra fuzzy details and a cute bendable tail on the back. The last piece is the headband with adorable pink and gray mouse ears so nobody will doubt which animal she’s supposed to be! With your child’s favorite pair of shoes and maybe some drawn-on whiskers, this costume will have your child ready to sniff out all the best treats on the block!Rascally RodentYour child will love to scamper around in this Cozy Mouse Costume for Kids! You can even get a whole group in on the fun with our selection of woodland animal costumes. We hope your kid will enjoy wearing this comfy costume!

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