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Your little one will have a roar of a time trick-or-treating while wearing this Kid’s T-Rex Costume. Every kid loves to pretend to be a dinosaur and now they can look the part!

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A New Dinosaur!?Paleontologists are always on the hunt for new breeds of prehistoric creatures. It sounds like an impossible task, of course. How are you going to find something new from millions of years ago!? Still, they are always managing to uncover new and amazing discoveries. From finding out that they were more closely related to birds than lizards to realizing that a few of them might have been smarter than we thought, it makes us wonder what else we have to find. Well, it turns out that they kept one find as a tight-lipped secret. Have you heard about the Mini-Rex!? While everyone was distracted thinking about how huge the Tyrant Lizard could get, we never even considered if there was a miniature version that was running around. How else do you think that the big guys managed to pick up and carry stuff with those tiny little arms? They had these cuties helping them out every step of the way. Design & DetailsLet your own miniature human live out their prehistoric life the way they were destined to when they climb into this Kid’s T-Rex costume. This is a Made by Us design that starts with a comfy velour jumpsuit and a padded hood. No need to feel like they’ve got dry skin or scales just because they are looking the part, after all! A big stuffed tail is sewn to the back to give them the true dino feel while mitts and shoe covers complete the transformation. All they need next is a domain to claim but we’re sure you can help with that! Mini-Rex to the Max!The trouble with the typical T-Rex is that they are just too huge to manage. (We all saw what happened to Jurassic Park, right?) We can’t say that your kid-sized T-Rex isn’t going to cause any mischief with that tail of theirs, but it’ll all be adorable by comparison. 

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