Kid’s Blue True and the Rainbow Kingdom True Wig


Zip! Zap! Zoooooom! Trick-or-Treat as your favorite character; True from True and The Rainbow Kingdom with the Kid’s Blue True and the Rainbow Kingdom True Wig!

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Zip, Zap, Zoo…“…I choose you!” That’s what True says when she needs to call on one of her three wishes to solve a problem. This cheerful heroine is the only one in the Rainbow Kingdom who has the power to call upon the Wishing Tree for help when challenges arise. Even though her ideas might not always work the first time, she never stops trying until she saves the kingdom. With a positive outlook, lots of energy, and the help of her friends, True can always find a solution to whatever trouble appears!Design & DetailsIf your little one wants to dress up like this colorful character, they’ll need to imitate her unique hairstyle. Our team designed this Blue True Wig for Kids so your child can fully complete their costume without involving any hair dye! Your kid will look just like True while wearing this wig, which features blue hair arranged in two ponytails and True’s white headband, complete with her multicolored puffy bow. Make your child’s costume wishes come true with this fun accessory!

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