Kid’s Black Spider Poncho Costume


Looking for a costume that would be easy for your child to change into when it’s time for trick or treating? Look no further than this ultra spooky but super comfy Kid’s Black Spider Poncho Costume! This features a black poncho with a silver spiderweb com

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Room for MoreThere are plenty of famous spiders crawling around the place. Some people firmly believe that there don’t need to be any additions to the famous arachnid category; they don’t even like the idea of adding any spiders to the non-famous category. Your child argues otherwise, however. They believe there’s lots of room for more. The existing spider stars need understudies and successors. Who or what else could take up Charlotte’s calling and share meaningful messages through gorgeous webs? And what about Spider-Man? That guy is always finding new spider-people hanging around—no one seems to mind all of them. Even giants like Aragog, as scary as they can be, need someone to pick up where they left off. Just think of where their co-stars would be if they hadn’t skittered onto the scene and shaken things up.Your kiddo is ready to change people’s opinions of spiders and their abundant population with a character of their own. All they need is a costume to bring their idea to life!Product DetailsHelp your child make the world a more spider-friendly place with this Kid’s Black Spider Poncho Costume. The light-weight, black poncho features a printed silver web and spider that is too pretty not to enjoy. Paired with black leggings, the poncho makes a casual look that’s great for celebrating Halloween at school or while trick-or-treating. And the loose-fit and neutral coloring make this costume as versatile as possible. Your kid will be inspired to create something elaborate—that even arachnophobes could love—or keep it simple when they have this costume hanging in their closet!Style ChangeSo, your kid loves spiders. The good news is your child has a passion for underappreciated creatures. The better news is they can show those creepy crawlies some love without bringing more into the house. With this stylish Black Spider Poncho Costume your little arachnophile may even be able to change a few arachnophobes’ minds!

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