Jumbo Thermometer Accessory


Check the Temperature of your clients with this Jumbo Thermometer Accessory. Big enough that almost anyone can see their temperature, this thermometer is the perfect compliment to any doctor outfit.

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Taking the HeatThere’s something going around. People are acting a little strange. Maybe it’s the strange full moon that’s been shining into people’s windows all week. Or perhaps there’s a bug going around. Either way, the population seems to be a little unhinged, howling into the night and dancing in the streets. They’ve all got a fever. Now, we’re not sure what the antidote is. It could be cowbell it could be potion number nine. We’re going to need all the medical help we can get this Halloween so if you’re going as a doctor or a nurse, you’d better be ready with some top-notch propsProduct DetailsThis molded thermometer prop is lightweight and easy to use throughout Halloween. The pearly white and silver toy measures out at fourteen inches and can be attached to a string so you can throw it around your neck or shoulder.Reaching a Fever PitchAs your costume party gets closer and closer, you’ll be more and more excited to get into character. Lucky for you, you can customize any medical health profession just to your liking. From red cross embossed tights to stethoscopes and syringes, you get to decide just what kind of medical genius you want to be. 

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