Jolly Roger Pirate Purse


Use this Jolly Roger Pirate Purse for everyday use or as the perfect accessory to your pirate costume, matey. Secure all of your belongings on this black purse with a skull on the front.

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Flying your flagIt’s nice to let you know what you’re all about at first glance. Wouldn’t it be nice to raise a hamburger flag when you’re walking around the mall, feeling hungry? We’re sure that someone would drop in and let you know if the pretzel place around the corner is giving out samples. There could be flags when you’re looking for love, flags when you’re looking for an argument, and flags when you’re looking for your dream job. The pirates had it right all along. People knew that they were about to lose their gold and cargo when they saw the Jolly Roger flying on the horizon. Ready to let at least one flag fly? This Jolly Roger purse will let people know you’re there for trouble!Design & DetailsThis pirate purse was designed by our in-house creative team. The exterior is shaped like a tattered flag while the grinning skull and crossbones are unmistakable. It zips closed to keep your belongings safe as you go carousing around town. An adjustable strap allows you to sling this purse crossbody like a bandolier or casually over a shoulder, making this the perfect purse for all sorts of costumed events!

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