Jafar Costume Headpiece


Aladdin’s Jafar is loosely based on Jaffar from the 1940s film The Thief of Bagdad which ironically is a more interesting version of Aladdin. No matter which Jafar you plan to immitate, you’ll need an Adult Jafar Costume Headpiece. Magic powers are not in

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All things being equal, we can all agree that it is better to be a powerful sorcerer than not being a powerful sorcerer. When you’ve lived out your entire life as an advisor to a chubby and (admittedly adorably) awkward Sultan, it is really difficult to keep your head on straight. You’re the one with the wisdom and guidance. You’re the one who has given voice to the economy and brought in a number of potential suitors for the Princess and future Queen. But, at the end of the day, you’re sort of pushed of as a joke with only your bird-brained parrot to talk to about your deep desires and ambitions.Who can blame you!? You deserve the power. It was only natural that you’d seek out the powerful lamp of the genie and ask for magic beyond compare! You were already a powerful sorcerer, but… the limitless possibilities of eternity? But, remember to keep your head on straight! Don’t get your ego get the best of you. Too dangerous a wish or too much greed and envy will only bring you down a very restricted path. In fact, here is a trick. Keep this Jafar Headpiece firmly on that noggin of yours and remember each moment: Aladdin is only the hero because he was a nice guy! So long as they think you are, too, you can rule the cosmos… and look fantastic with this brilliant black, red, and gold vizier hat while doing so!

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