Jack O’Lantern Treat Bag


What better to go with your costume than a Jack O’Lantern Treat Bag? With a comfortable and well-fitting backpack, you’re sure to take home all of the candy!

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Modern AdditionYoungsters today. They have it so good! When you were a kid, in addition to walking uphill, both ways, for 10 miles in the blowing snow to get to school, you also had to research things in actual books, show up for your social events (no texting and canceling at the last minute), and gather your Halloween treats in a pillowcase. A pillowcase! Well, we can’t say whether all this technological advancement is good or bad, but we can say that a pillowcase is no place for one’s most beloved stash of sweets. Not to mention, this Jack O’Lantern Treat Bag is totally useful if your child’s costume requires them to carry something, like a sword, staff, or wand. Having your kiddo’s hands free will make it easier for them to cross the street holding their little sibling’s hand, as well as ring doorbells and reach for treats!Product DetailsThis perfect pouch features a classic backpack design with an even more classic jack o’lantern print atop its orange base. It can expand in the middle as it fills up, and doing so reveals a fun candle surprise! There is a mesh side pouch for a water bottle or flashlight, and a drawstring top for easy access. Trick or Treat!So go ahead and remind your child how much harder things were for you growing up, a little perspective never hurts. They’ll appreciate the convenience and coolness of this Halloween bag even more—and maybe they’ll even get curious about the “good ole’ days” and go check out an actual library.

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