Jack Link’s Adult Sasquatch Mask


Don’t let those around you mess with you this Halloween when you wear this Jack Links Adult Sasquatch Mask. Makes the perfect costume mask to finish off your Jack Links inspired costume that will have you sharing your favorite snack.

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The Wilder Side of ThingsSasquatch is a simple fellow. He enjoys the simple things in life. He likes taking long walks through the woods, breathing the fresh nature air. He likes to watch the stars at night. He likes making friends with hikers… as long as they’re not trying to play any pranks on him. That’s the one thing that will make Sasquatch let his wild side loose! Design & DetailsThis Jack Link’s Sasquatch Mask is an adult-sized mask that will help you get in touch with your own wild side! It’s officially licensed from Jack Link’s brand snacks! The mask is molded into the shape of Sasquatch’s face, which includes intricate detailing in the forehead and around the eyes. It also has a molded mouth with teeth. The mask comes with plenty of faux fur on the top and around the back of the head to give you a realistic, furry appearance. Finally, a big beard of light brown faux fur covers the front to make the transformation complete! The mask features holes in the eyes and at the nose for visions and breathing, but your vision may be slightly impaired while wearing the mask. Your wild side is just waiting to be set free!

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