Intense Strobe Light Prop


Whether for a big dance party or a creepy affect, the Intensely Bright Strobe Light Decoration is perfect for every setting a great to set the Halloween mood inside your house!

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THUNDERBOLTS AND LIGHTNING!Attempting to control the atmosphere is something that most are incapable of even approaching, unless, of course, you’ve managed to inherit a certain kind of mutant gene or gotten on especially good terms with any local nature gods…But, there are ways that technology can help you get just a hint closer.  You might not be bringing actual lightning to bear and sending your squad to the hills, ducking for cover, but the intensity of some blasts of light can feel like you are! PRODUCT DETAILSThanks to some genius engineering, we can offer this Intense Strobe Light to help you create whatever kind of environment you need… providing that you’re looking for something intense, startling, and at least a hint horrific.  With three AA batteries, you can aim this light at the direction you choose and adjust the frequency and pattern of the flashes of light from 18 super-bright LED lights.  CHOOSE YOUR OWN APOCALYPSEWhether it is thunderstorms, broken wiring, or even the jittering blasts of a slasher with a flashlight, there’s always something intensely spooky about the rapid stuttering of light.  This intense strobe light replicates each of those deadly scenarios perfectly and lets you choose which way to make your friends feel like they’re going to meet their end!  

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