Infants Snuggly Pig Costume


Take your little piggy to market with the Infants Snuggly Pig Costume! Dress your child up in this exclusive costume and they’ll say wee wee wee all the way home!

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Muddy MythsWhen you think of a small, cute, cuddly animal for your baby to dress up as, a pig might not be the first one that comes to mind. After all, pigs have earned the reputation of being dumb, dirty creatures who function as old-fashioned garbage disposals on farms. However, most of the stereotypes we have about pigs are simply not true. The only reason that pigs roll in the mud is to protect themselves from the sun, and if given water and shade, they will keep themselves extremely clean. Pigs are also an extremely intelligent animals, to the point that some researchers think they could be smarter than dogs! So if you’re just as charmed by their adorable snouts and curly tails as we are, a pig costume could be a great option for your little one this Halloween!Design and DetailsYour baby will look even more adorable than usual in this Snuggly Pig Costume for Infants! Our designers crafted this cozy onesie to make it easier for your little one to stay warm in late autumn temperatures (which, around here, is basically winter). The hood has an embroidered snout and eyes, along with some perky pink ears. The sleeves have attached pieces that will make your baby’s hands look more like little pig hooves. Even though pigs like to keep themselves clean, babies don’t, so we put snaps at the bottom of the onesie to make diaper changes a little easier! The finishing touch is the set of two booties with gripper fabric on the bottom so if your child is walking, they’ll have an easier time.This Little PiggyWhen your child is wearing this Snuggly Pig Costume, you won’t want your little piggy to stay home. You’ll want to show everyone how cute they look instead! Add some adorableness to your family this Halloween when you dress up your baby in this cozy costume.

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