Infant Yellow Ducky Costume


Your little one will be super adorable with this Infant Yellow Ducky Costume. This exclusively made costume is perfect for dressing up this year on Halloween.

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First MemoriesInfancy is a long list of firsts that warm the heart. The first bath. The first toy. The first solid food. The first birthday cake that gets smashed all over. It can all get pretty cute! But there is another big first coming up that is even cuter — the first Halloween costume!This Infant Yellow Ducky Costume is a perfect pick for this milestone, as it’s sweet as can be, memorializes their favorite activity — bathtime with their yellow duck — and keeps them cozy warm for their first foray into trick or treating. And if we’re being honest, it also comes with its own sound effects, as your tot has been known to emit a few high-pitched squeaks and shrieks of their own. Quack! Quack!Design & DetailsCrafted with care by our in-house design team, this costume is as durable cuddly as it is fun. It’s a furry, shaped tunic in yellow, feather-like fabric, with little attached “wings.” The cutout hood comes complete with a ducky head on top! The orange and white striped leggings are easy to wear and keep your kiddo covered up, while the little orange shoe covers convert your child’s adorable toes into two duck feet! Take One For the TeamJust know that the first chocolate bar milestone is still a ways off, so if you do collect a candy haul this holiday, it is thought to be best if you…sigh…take care of that for your baby and just eat it yourself. Parenthood is all about sacrifice, huh?

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