Infant/Toddler Cuddly Tiger Costume


If they’re going through that animal phase, one of the best Halloween costumes for them could be this adorable Infant/Toddler Cuddly Tiger Costume! They’ll roar with glee.

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This is probably the last chance you’ll have to get this close to a tiger without needing to stand behind a protective glass barrier at the zoo… because yes, even cubs as adorable as the one living in your home do eventually grow up and become huge, fearsome cats! You’ve got to enjoy your little guy before he gets big and starts hunting on his own. We think this coming Halloween would be a great chance to bring him out of the den for a fun family night while he’s still a cub. And heck, why not show off his cuteness to the entire world while you’re at it? We’re pleased to report that you can do both with this awesome Toddler Cuddly Tiger Costume!The outfit includes a classic onesie style jumpsuit, complete with orange fur, black tiger stripes, attached feet (or paws, in this case) and a tail. It also has an adorable furry white belly that’s just too cute for words (which is why we’re ending this sentence right here!). Best of all, the suit has easy-to-open snaps along the inseams, because cubs aren’t immune to “little accidents” and do need a diaper change once in a while! Finally, the furry matching hood has little tiger ears and attaches easily to the jumpsuit for a complete “tiger” picture.The Toddler Cuddly Tiger Costume also works great as part of a family costume, so feel free to suit up as full-grown tigers or lions and turn this Halloween into a wild jungle adventure!!

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