Infant Tiny Triceratops Costume


This infant Tiny Triceratops costume is an adorable choice for your little wild one this Halloween. The one piece romper ensures you’re not losing costume parts as you trick or treat and baby will stay warm with the long sleeves and hood!

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Nice TriAnyone who knows anything about dinosaurs knows that they are cutest the moment they hatch from their eggs! It’s true—the scene has been memorialized in films. But if you still don’t believe us, you can just check out this costume. Is that not the most adorable little dino you’ve ever laid eyes on? We thought so!Of course, there are lots of great looks for your kiddo’s first Halloween. We’ve seen them all (really, we have) and trust us, this is the best, cutest, most timeless trick-or-treating look around. This Infant Tiny Triceratops Dinosaur Costume is adorable enough to elicit a constant stream of “ooh”s and “ahhh”s that will never go extinct. The only problem with this costume is that it’s utterly unfair to other neighborhood kids; how is anyone else supposed to get any good candy when all of the adults are showering it upon this incredible little dino? Design & DetailsThe design process for this look was simple: we told our studio to “make us the cutest baby costume possible,” and voila! You’re looking at it. Made by Us with your little one in mind, this easy-to-wear outfit comprises a cozy jumpsuit, broken “egg,” and a pointed dinosaur tail. The headpiece does double duty—it keeps your baby cozy and protected from the wind, while also turning him into a tiny triceratops! Stuffed horns, expressive eyes, and a cracked egg detail make this topper the tops!Jurassic JourneyIn this lovable look, not only will your baby get to wow everyone they meet with their cuteness, but he’ll also get to go on a journey into his imagination. Your little one will be able to step…er, stomp…back in time and learn, firsthand, what it was like to eat, sleep, play, and celebrate as a beloved baby dino!

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