Infant Rosy Pig Costume


You’ll be tickled pink seeing your child in the Infant’s Rosy Pig Costume! Your little one will be the cutest little piggy in the Infant’s Rosy Pig Costume this Halloween!

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Piggy PerfectionWhen the intended wearer can’t share an opinion on a costume because they can’t speak words yet, it can leave you feeling stuck in the mud. And rooting around, trying to find some indication that they’ll enjoy the look may have you snorting in frustration. Luckily, that’s where we can help. You clearly have an idea of what kind of costume you want for your little one—this is a specific page, after all. And we think you’re on the exactly right track, but just to be sure…Are you planning a group barnyard costume for the family? Is your baby unreasonably cute already—kind of like any wide-eyed farm baby? Do they have an affinity for finding muddy puddles to ruin their new bodysuits and leggings in? We bet they snort with laughter whenever you tickle their little toes! And their appetite is probably impressive—they have a lot of growing to do! If you can say yes to any of this, then this Rosy Pig Costume for Babies is precisely the look you need for your little one’s Halloween!Design & DetailsComplete your barnyard bonanza or create a picture-perfect first trick-or-treat for your baby with this exclusive jumpsuit and booties ensemble! Whether they’ve shown an interest in your singing of This Little Piggy or you simply think your little one puts even the pinkest potbelly pig to shame, this velvety ensemble is for you. An attached hood with soft-sculpted and embroidered features instantly transforms your baby into a plush version of your favorite farm animal. Meanwhile, attached half-mittens give your baby tiny pink hooves without restricting them from grabbing and playing. Snaps along the inseam make diaper access easy—just because they’re dressed like a pig doesn’t mean they need to smell like one. And the pair of hoof-shaped booties polish off the look and ensure little toes are partially protected from October chills!

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