Infant Hulk Hogan Costume


Dress your child as the WWE legend Hulk Hogan this Halloween with the Infant Hulk Hogan Costume! Have your infant looking like extra tough as a pro wrestler when they wear this Infant Hulk Hogan Costume.

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Small But MightyIt’s not that your baby knows they love WWE…yet. Heck, they barely know they have a reflection at this point. It’s more that dressing your tot in this Infant Hulk Hogan Costume will captivate you to no end. And making your baby look cute for your own enjoyment is half of what parenting is about, right? Don’t get us wrong, there are some added benefits of decking your little tyke out in this hilarious getup. They may intrinsically learn how to hold off their big brother or sister with some sneaky new moves. They may inherit magical mustache genes that help them grow stellar facial hair. Or perhaps this look will simply ensure that they grow big and strong. In any case, if you’re wrestling with what to pick for your child’s first Halloween costume, then allow us to go to the mat for this unique look. Because let’s face it, anyone can dress their baby as a pumpkin, or a black cat, but it takes a special parent — you — to be able to carry around the one and only Hulk! Design & DetailsOur in-house design studio took great pains to recreate the Hulk’s iconic uniform for your wee one. It’s an exclusive combination consisting of a shirt, leggings, booties, hat, and a mustache. The shirt is designed to appear as a yellow tank top over bare arms and yellow “wristbands.” The red leggings match the printed belt, and the little yellow boots are oh-so-cute. The hat contains fake hair, and the mustache, well…need we say more? Hulkamania! 

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