Infant Deluxe Red Minnie Mouse Costume


Have your baby looking mouse-irrific when you dress them up in this Infant Deluxe Red Minnie Mouse Costume. This Infant Deluxe Red Minnie Mouse Costume features Minnie’s iconic look and will be an adorable costume choice for your baby!

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Starting SmallWhen our parents tell us, “Oh, you’re going to be just like me when you’re older,” most of us cringe a little. We don’t quite understand what’s so great about plain oatmeal and khakis. However, most of us still picked things up from our parents, even if we didn’t want to. Have you ever said something like this? “Oh yeah, I like this old movie, but only because my parents watched it all the time.” (We are very intentionally not going to define which decade an “old” movie comes from.) Or maybe for you, it was music, food preferences, tv shows, or clothing choices instead? And of course, you would end up genuinely liking some of these things had you discovered them on your own. We’d like to think that Minnie Mouse is such a cute and classic character that your child would grow up loving her even without your influence, but, you know, it never hurts to make sure.Product DetailsThis red Minnie Mouse deluxe costume for infants might be the cutest way for your little one to spend their first (or second) Halloween. The officially licensed dress has a hook and loop fastener at the back to make diaper changes easier, and its black velour top and polka-dotted skirt emphasize Minnie’s classic style. Add the headband with ears and a matching bow, and you have the complete deluxe look!First FestivitiesMake your baby’s first Halloween a day to remember with this red Minnie Mouse infant costume. We hope it helps to spark a love of Minnie herself as well as all things Disney. When they’re all grown up, your child can look back at pictures of themselves in this costume and still think it’s absolutely adorable.

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