Infant Cutie Cheetah Costume


Your baby can transform into a fur-ocious feline this Halloween with our exclusive Infant Cutie Cheetah Costume! This costume is sure to make people smile this Halloween.

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Trick-or-CheetahYou didn’t think anyone was joking when they said you wouldn’t be able to keep up with your little one once they started crawling. However, you weren’t expecting to feel like you’d been left in the dust. And yet, you find yourself on constant alert, watching your speedy kiddo very closely. They fly across the carpet to capture a new toy. You turn your back, and they’ve somehow raced from the living room to their own room before you even heard them move. It’s like they took notes from the cheetah cubs the one time you watched a nature documentary around them, and you’re not quite sure what to do.Our advice? Lean into it! One day your tiny tot is going to be breaking records on their high school track team. Or earning the gold medal at the Olympics. And until then, they can look the part of an adorable, quick-footed cheetah cub in this Made By Us Infant Cutie Cheetah Costume!Design & DetailsThis cozy jumpsuit is just the thing for your little one’s Halloween. Made with plush faux fur and velour fabrics, they’ll be wrapped in warmth whether you take them for their first trick-or-treat or bring them along to a costume party. Getting them dressed like their spirit animal is easy, thanks to a diagonal line of hook and loop fastener strips at the front of the costume. And, because nature is sure to call at least once while they’re dressed as a cheetah, our team of designers added snaps along the inseams for quick diaper access. The costume also features an attached hood with embroidered cheetah facial features, attached mittens and booties to help keep fingers and toes toasty, and an attached tail to ensure this cheetah costume has a bit of realism to it.

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