Hufflepuff Harry Potter Basic Necktie


Your costume would not be complete without accessorizing your look with this Harry Potter Hufflepuff Basic Necktie. This tie is yellow all over with black striping and the Hufflepuff emblem at the bottom of the tie.

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Has to Be HufflepuffYou have dreamed of this day for years and years, and now it’s finally time to be sorted in your Hogwarts house! What a thrill. We muggles are extremely jealous, by the way. But good for you. Now, you know as well as we do that the Sorting Hat will put you where you belong, but it’s ok to dream of the house you want, too! And for you, that’s patient, just, and loyal Hufflepuff. For a bit of extra magic, try packing this Harry Potter Hufflepuff Basic Necktie into your school trunk at the start of term. Remember that the Sorting Hat takes your preference into consideration, so maybe knowing that you’re ready to wear the yellow and black Hufflepuff house colors will sway the sorting in your favor! Then, when you finally get to enter the Hufflepuff common room, you can do so sporting your new snazzy tie!Design & DetailsThis accessory is officially licensed, and it tops off any Hufflepuff-themed costume perfectly. It’s a yellow-based classic tie with diagonal stripes that looks great against any school robe. Wear it for your first day of class at Hogwarts or for a night of trick or treating, if you happen to be a muggle, like us!

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