Hufflepuff Breakaway Toddler Tie


Your little one has been sorted into their house early and now you need to get them ready for class with the Hufflepuff Toddler Tie. Featuring a yellow and black stripe design with the house crest too!

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Impatient HufflepuffThey’re still too young to use their magic. But your little wizard wants to be just like you, and you can only deny their charming requests for so long. While a wand is out of the question, and you’re not about to let them open the padlocked leather case you carry to Hogwarts every day for your lessons, there may be an alternative! After all, your child watches you prepare to apparate every morning. Their eyes widen as your professor’s robes float behind, waiting for your arms, and they gasp every time you tighten your tie with a little flick of your wand. Therein lies the solution!Design & DetailsWhether looking to include your toddler in a Harry Potter group costume or granting their Wizarding World dreams, this officially licensed Hufflepuff Toddler Tie promises to charm without breaking any underage wizarding laws! The black and yellow striped necktie features a youthfully stylized Hufflepuff crest that marks your kiddo a member of the House, even if they aren’t patient enough to wait for their sorting. That’s the power of this exclusive accessory, though! In their collection, it’ll quickly have them imagining they’re off to Hogwarts, acceptance letter in hand! The Made By Us accessory boosts the enchantment further with its easy-to-use hook-and-loop fasteners. Attached at the ends of the pre-tied necktie, the familiar closure lets your kiddo secure the accessory as if aided by magic, a.k.a. the parents didn’t help!

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