How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Classic Kid’s Costume


Your little one can become Toothless in this How to Train Your Dragon Kid’s Toothless Classic Costume. This officially licensed dragon costume includes mask, wings, and a tail.

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Not-So-ToothlessWe learn new things every day! All this time, we had thought that Toothless didn’t have any teeth. Then, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, we found out that he has hidden teeth. (Maybe he needs to update his name to Toothful, or maybe we could call him Toothless Some of the Time). We also thought that Toothless was the last Night Fury in the world… but it turns out there’s another one hanging out in How to Train Your Dragon 3! We can’t even imagine what sorts of things we’ll learn about dragons when the next movie rolls around! Why, we might even find out that your child is secretly a Night Fury…Okay, okay. So maybe your child isn’t secretly a dragon, but with this How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Costume does give your child an authentic look from the animated film!Design & DetailsInspired by the movie, this How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Costume is a kids-sized outfit, perfect for any young fan. The costume starts with a full-body jumpsuit that has dragon scale style details on the top. It fits with a fastener along the back of the costume. The wings are attached to the sleeves, so your child will look ready to take flight! The tail attached to the back of the jumpsuit. The finishing piece to this costume is the molded plastic mask. It comes with plenty of features to help your child look just like Toothless, including textured scales, big green eyes, and a pair of horns on top. The mask fits with an elastic band and the front has mesh coverings for vision.Show Your Fangs!If your child is secretly a dragon… or they secretly want to become a dragon, then this officially licensed How to Train Your Dragon Costume is perfect for your little one!

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