Honey Jar Adult Tunic Costume


Look the sweetest this Halloween season in this Honey Jar Tunic Costume. This tunic resembles a classic jar of honey and fits comfortably over your head with holes for your arms to fit into.

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Sunbeam in a JarCan you think of an ingredient that’s more magical than honey? It’s made by adorable, fuzzy creatures that spend all their time searching for the sweetest blossoms. Think about that for a second. It’s syrup made out of flowers collected by tiny winged creatures. If it didn’t actually exist it would seem like something out of a fairy tale. And the thing is, the origin story isn’t even the only amazing thing about honey! Honey has no expiration date. It’s been discovered in ancient tombs, crystallized but still edible all these centuries later. Back in the day, this golden elixir was effectively used in medicine and poultices to prevent infections before humans even knew about bacteria. And of course, it’s been making our food delicious since the beginning of time. With all these sweet memories, it’s no wonder why we call our favorite people honey! Do you want to celebrate everything this sunny substance stands for? Say it loud and proud with this honey tunic costume!Costume DetailsThis shining tunic is an easy way to transform into a miraculous substance made by bees from blossoms. The golden foam of the costume is covered by glossy plastic to make the tunic look just like a glass jar. Topped with a red gingham top and honey dipper just like you’ll find at your local farmer’s market, this costume is ready to charm at any costumed event!Always SweetWhen you show up as a jar of honey, you can be sure that you’re going to stir up all sorts of sweet conversations. People will tell you about how their mom would stir honey into lemonade for a sore throat cure when they were kids. Or dripping honey over a hot buttered biscuit. Everyone has sweet honey memories and now you can be one of them!

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