Holy Angel Boys Costume


You think your child is the sweetest, kindest little one so why not dress them like that in this Kid’s Holy Angel Costume. This costume has a white dress, with angel wings and a halo, of course.

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Halo, Out There!Your family is new in town. It’s time to make a great first impression! Of course, you know your child is the kindest, sweetest, most lovable kid on the block, but this Kids’ Holy Angel Costume will help everyone around you know it, as well! When your kid steps out in this gorgeous outfit to deliver cookies and brownies to all their new neighbors, they are laying the foundation for a close-knit community of caring and kindness. Of course, they may also be looking to wear this costume for Halloween, Christmas, plays, or performances—but we wouldn’t be surprised if an angel like yours feels just as comfortable lounging as their angelic self on a Saturday afternoon, reading a book. It’s their true nature, after all.Product DetailsThis beautiful costume goes above and beyond all the other angel costumes out there! We’ve paid careful attention to craftsmanship and detailing to create a look worthy of your little do-gooder. It’s comprised of a pullover robe with flared sleeves and a shimmering golden sash that drapes across the body. The feathered wings slip over your child’s shoulders for easy wear, and the golden halo looks all too at home atop your kiddo’s head. Heavenly PresenceWe’re so happy to see you all settling into your new neighborhood so well! Moving is always stressful, but it helps to have a kid as great as yours by your side. Now, uh, if there are any of those brownies left…we wouldn’t mind an angelic delivery. Just sayin’.   

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